• Connect your Shopify account with your Vbout Marketing Automation platform for FREE
  • Automatically add users to different email lists on Vbout based on their cart abandonment or completion
  • Automate your customers journey easily and track in depth engagement

Enter the name of your Shopify store and we'll get started.

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Getting started easily:

Centralize your marketing efforts by integrating your Shopify into your Vbout email and automation Campaigns.

  1. Sign up for a Vbout account – it takes one minute
  2. Create your email lists on Vbout (ex: Abandoned cart customers and Completed Cart customers)
  3. Install the Vbout app to your Shopify store.

What this app will let you do:

  1. Sync user information into Vbout
  2. View a list of customers that abandoned the checkout
  3. View a list of customers that completed a purchase
  4. View customers recent orders details
  5. Create a customer journey based on their lists above and create additional follow-ups and timed actions once you create them from your Vbout account
  6. Send nicely designed mass email campaigns to target the lists above from your Vbout account
  7. View in depth metrics on your customers

User Synchronization:

During the checkout process on your Shopify store, your customers input their data to complete the purchase process. Vbout tracks this data and automatically inserts it into your Vbout User lists. If the customer does not complete a purchase they will be placed into an 'Abandoned Cart List' and once they complete the purchase they will be automatically moved to the 'Purchase Complete list'. You can set the names of the lists from your Vbout account.

Customer Journey:

You can craft your user journey and automation workflows on your Vbout account. Once Vbout captures the user information from Shopify, you can target them with a custom journey and action based follow-ups that you can easily design inside your Vbout account.

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